About me

My name is Thomas Bastet.

After bachelors of applied sciences and my master studies in a completely other direction than web design. However, I came to the conclusion building websites is an ideal way to vent my intellect and creativity. I graduated MSc in plant biotechnology, from which I already have an interest in data and digitization, which comes in handy in webdesign. Next to that, early in my carreer I also worked at an IT helpdesk. Over the years I have discovered that I am always full of ideas and like to apply them. In short, this is why I decided to start my own business.

What I like to convey is: my enthusiasm, my intuition, my creativity and thinking in solutions instead of problems. There is always a way to make something work!

In addition, I just have a very broad interest in how the world works; biology, nature, physics, (bio)chemistry and technology fascinate me. I am a glider pilot, I like to DIY, also on my car. With that car and our own canoe we like to go out, camp and sail. Cooking is another passion, consider me a foodie; fermentation is awesome. I also started to bake my own sourdough bread.

Hiking near Gries Austria